The EverAgeless Blog 1st Year – A Look Back

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I’m a sentimental softie. My eyes get watery about everything. Emotional movies, social media tear-jerkers, tv news about nurses’ and doctors’ dedication in the face of Covid, watching my incredible wife show her caring, selfless spirit every day… lots of things get to me… and it seems like it grows with age.


As I approach my 1st anniversary since launching the EverAgeless Blog, I recently took a sentimental look back through and all the posts that I wrote during this past year on the website’s blog. I covered a lot of ground this year. A lot of it even seems coherent – which surprises and gratifies me immensely at this age. 


As my 1st anniversary approaches, I thought I’d just list the diverse topics covered in these 1st-year posts, along with links in case any that you missed might spark a look. I’m proud of the thought-provoking content here and the caring spirit behind each post. 


I do this not for the exercise, but rather because I want to contribute to the conversation we all have with ourselves and with others about where we’re going and about the kind of person we want to be as we age. Living an ever-aspiring, ever-ageless life of meaning and fulfillment is an attitude I think we all should seek to cultivate. 


Take a moment to review this list of posts and click on any that may spark an interest. And please encourage friends and family to register to get on our email list for future posts. I welcome your feedback, your suggestions for future topics and your encouragement. 


This is hard work. I hope it’s of value. 


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Aging In Place: The Growing Challenge 


There you have it. Whew! Just seeing them listed here feels a bit overwhelming - lots of research and lots of headache-inducing thought went into these musings. 


Invest some time to review what interests you, and please send me your thoughts - and suggestions. I read everything and I value your comments greatly.