Testing and Improving Brain Abilities

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Assessing And Improving The 14 Core Brain Abilities


Building on the building blocks of learning outlined in the last Section, in this Section we will explore the brain’s “Work Rules.”  We will first look at the 14 Core Brain Abilities (Intelligences) that are most critical to learning in this modern world of complexity and information overload.
Multiple Intelligences Book

  Through many years of research, Dr. James Fadigan and his team narrowed down a broad theory of intelligence called “Structure Of Intellect,” originally developed by J.P. Guilford, into 14 key intelligence components that have been found to be critical in learning for today’s world of complexity and information overload.  

Some fortunate individuals are born with innate strengths in many of these 14 basic capabilities.  They perform well in the world, and we marvel at their abilities.  However, most individuals are born with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses in these core brain abilities

14 brain skills

  What if there was a way to assess the strength or weakness of each of these 14 abilities?    A tool that could look into your brain and assess weaknesses in the core building blocks of learning (Cognition, Memory, Evaluation and Problem Solving)…  identify your individual Learning Preferences (Figural, Semantic or Symbolic)… and determine the best way to Target, Stimulate and Challenge the precise parts of the brain in need of strengthening?  

IMPORTANT: What if there was a way to identify weaknesses that could be holding you back from reaching your aspirations… or identify strengths that, if further developed, could propel you to greatness in some aspiration in your life?  

There is such a tool.   This tool enables you to assess your individual learning strengths and weaknesses… so that we can correctly target those under-developed areas of the brain and improve those brain functions… not just a little, but A LOT!


This is not science fiction.  


It is very real, with proven results from thousands of individuals of all ages – people like YOU – who have found their path to success and fulfillment wider and more clear – with enhanced brain capabilities to energize their life journey in pursuit of goals more lofty than they imagined.

Where Are The Solutions

So what is this tool, and how does it work?


Allow me to introduce you to the

TOMI (Test Of Multiple Intelligences)TM


This proprietary Assessment Tool, Profile and Report  is delivered 100% online – anywhere there is Internet access.

1. Test Of Multiple Intelligences (TOMI) 
Viewing TOMI on computer

Online assessment instrument – 14 sections assessing the development level of each of the 14 fundamental Intelligences, or abilities, most critical to learning success, plus memory and mental agility – analogous to a physical that assesses the body’s state of health and readiness to perform. 

Most people complete the TOMI in less than 1.5 hours, and it does not have to be taken straight through.  If you prefer, you can break it up doing a few sections at a time.

The questions are probably like nothing you have seen before.  There is no preparation needed, or possible, for this unique assessment – you’ll likely be scratching your head wondering how these sometimes unusual questions fit into the assessment. 


But the questions have been carefully designed to assess strengths and weaknesses in each of the 14 basic Intelligences (brain capabilities).


 It’s actually fun to take!

2. TOMI Profile

The TOMI Profile is a graphic presentation of results of the TOMI in 14 full-color bar graphs showing the level of development for each relevant core Intelligence/ability. 

TOMI Below Average
TOMI Results Average
It’s like looking at an EKG of your brain’s ability to learn – where you are strong and above average – offering opportunities to further strengthen for peak performance… where you have weaknesses and are below average – in need of specific attention… and where you are average – providing  opportunities for growth into strengths. 
TOMI Above Average

3. The TOMI Report


The Report is a text document explaining results of the TOMI assessment – including suggestions on how to strengthen your core abilities.  Both the Profile and Report can be downloaded and/or printed.  

We Fix The Problems

If the Report results stimulate to want to take action to strengthen those core abilities… you can order our proprietary

SmartMods Cognitive Development Modules TM



The SmartMods Cognitive Development Modules consist of 14 sections (modules) corresponding to the specific intelligence or ability measured by each TOMI subtest. 

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Each module has 4 levels of difficulty to stimulate and challenge that area of the brain.  Each module must be completed with 80% correct answers before moving up to the next level. Each level is a new adventure story presented in a fun video game format to keep the individual engaged.


The key to success here is consistency.  The changes to the brain needed to strengthen these core learning abilities will not happen at the level we both want without some discipline. And that will happen only if you think this program is IMPORTANT to you – that you feel an emotional importance that will keep you on pace and on target.

How Much Time Wll This Take?


The normal time commitment needed to bring about these changes is 20 minutes  at least 3 times a week for at least 4 months.  You should start seeing some improvements after about 2 months.


Further improvements are possible if the time commitment is more frequent and longer.  A 6 month commitment can provide permanent, significant improvements. This is NOT a magic-bullet promise.  Beware when anyone promises you that.  This is a proven, scientific program that will provide significant real-world improvements in your brain’s capabilities – IF you follow our guidance.


We cannot guarantee a specific level of improvement for everyone.  Everyone is different. Levels of commitment vary.  So the pace and amount of improvement can vary.  But after thousands of programs administered, our estimates are quite achievable.

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Tuition Fees


The every-day tuition fee for the full 14-module SmartMods – each with 4 levels of difficulty - is $595.  But during our launch celebration for EverAgeless.com, you can get a 35% discount – bringing the fee down to $387 – an incredibly low fee for a program that is totally unique and easily worth at least $1000.  We also offer a 3-monthly payment option of $147 monthly.



This is NOT one of the minimal-cost or even free “brain fitness” programs available all over the Internet.  This is a scientific, clinical program ($4.1 million in development costs, 5 refinements to the instrument and 11 years of validation - including thousands of participants ) providing assessment, profile and customized brain exercises to a child's or adult’s unique development needs – online for maximum convenience.


You do not have to order the SmartMods modules now.  

Wait until you take the TOMI and make sure you’re ready to commit to the SmartMods Learning Exercises program.  We think, when you see the results of the Assessment, you’ll be eager to get started!


Order the TOMI now at the limited-time $77 Tuition Fee - 60% off the regular fee of $195… and we will grandfather your ability to get the SmartMods  Modules after you complete the TOMI at the discounted fee of $387 – even if that’s after we close the launch celebration discount for the general public.  Once you order the TOMI, you’ll always have the option to order the Smartmods at the discounted price.

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