The 7 Brain Laws Of Overcoming Irrational Fears

How do you effectively overcome irrational fears?

The brain is the most amazing 3 pounds of matter - a wondrous gift that shapes each individual life in the most profound ways.   It is constantly changing, reacting to its environment, learning, modifying thoughts and behaviors to fit its body's place in the world every moment.
brain fitness -overcome fear

In early man the brain was simplistic in interacting with the environment. Survival was the core directive - fight or flight triggered by fear.  See a threat - run away or fight to win.  Threats were simplistic and rational.  Being eaten by an animal was a rational threat. 

These  are "atavistic" survival mechanisms. Over the centuries, as civilizations evolved, threats became more subtle - fear of losing a job, being humiliated or ignored, speaking in front of a crowd, alienation, embarrassment.  Yet to our 150,000-year-old brain, the fear response triggered by these more subtle issues can be much the same as the fear response of our caveman ancestors.  We run away ("I'm too afraid to get up and speak") or fight (You humiliated me - I'm going to make you pay).


Recent scientific advancements have shown us that the brain does not have to respond to today's complex environment with ancient fear triggers... IF, and only if, we  learn to understand HOW the brain works when fear triggers are presented.  

Positive change lies in an understanding of the brain –


  • · its atavistic survival mechanisms
  • · its work rules
  • ·         its remarkable “plasticity”
  • · the accelerating power of cognitive and sensory-motor integration, and
  • · its extraordinary innate wisdom if you can only learn how to listen.

Advances in neuroscience, psychology and technology are intersecting to reveal pathways to harness and mobilize more of the power of this 3-pound miracle.  


While, at the same time, these advances are showing us how to prevent this ancient 150,000-year-old brain, which has not evolved as fast as modern life has complicated everything in the last 150 years, from destroying us. 


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