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The Latest Aging Science, Analysis And Commentary





COVID‐19 Is An Emergent Disease Of Aging


What Do We Know About Healthy Aging?


Anti Aging Skincare Strategies


11 Ways To Reduce Premature Skin Aging


Anti Aging Science – Addressing Common Misconceptions


'Extraordinary' Breakthroughs In Anti-Aging Research 'Will Happen Faster Than People Think'


Longevity And Anti-Aging Research: ‘Prime Time For An Impact On The Globe’


Women’s Perceptions and Use of “Anti-Aging” Products's_Perceptions_and_Use_of_Anti-Aging_Products


Anti-Aging And Longevity Research


Can A Single Pill Keep You Healthy To 100?


How Anti-Ageing Drugs Could Boost COVID Vaccines In Older People


Physical Activity As An Anti-Aging Medicine


Can The Aging Process Be Reversed Or Prevented?  5 Things To Know


Long-Distance Caregiving – 20 Questions & Answers


Video Games Show Potential In Improving Key Aspects Of Memory In Older Adults (Time to dust off that old Nintendo Game Cube or Playstation in the closet)


How the Aging Brain Affects Thinking


Take Good Care Of Your Teeth And Mouth As You Age!


Consumption Of Ultra-Processed Foods Is Associated With Obesity, Diabetes And Hypertension In Canadian Adults


Effects Of Consuming Later Evening Meal Versus Earlier Evening Meal On Weight Loss During A Weight Loss Diet: a randomized clinical trial


The Latest In Basic Science

For The Science Geeks – The Latest Scientific Research Abstracts


COVID‐19 is an emergent disease of aging


From lifespan to healthspan: the role of nutrition in healthy ageing


Impact of overweight and obesity on life expectancy, quality-adjusted life years and lifetime costs in the adult population of Ghana


Life Expectancy after Bariatric Surgery in the Swedish Obese Subjects Study


Age-dependency in mortality of family caregivers


Older Black Americans During COVID-19:  Race and Age Double Jeopardy


Multimorbidity: the case for prevention


The relevance of a sociocultural perspective for understanding learning and development in older age





Cracking & Reversing The Aging Clock – David Sinclair 


The Science Behind the Future of Aging – TED Talk 


Growing Old: The Unbearable Lightness Of Ageing – TED Talk  


Longevity & Aging News| Anti-aging In The News


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