What Is An Ageless Life?

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ageless:  not confined to a particular period of time


The answer to the question "What Is An Ageless Life?" is personal to you alone...

Everyone is different.  There are no absolutes.  Yet we believe in certain principles and guidelines that define a state of mind and a set of behaviors that, collectively, reflect what an "ageless life" can be - and why we believe everyone should aspire to it. 

Let's start with a proposition... that we redefine the Boomer Generation and the older portion of GenXers as THE AGELESS GENERATION (Gen A's).   This cohort, men and women, are defined less by age and more by a collective set of self-focused values that are defiantly anti-aging and are generally shared...


Gen A – The Ageless Generation



1.      Youthfulness


2.      Nostalgia – rediscovering our youth


3.      Simplification – simplifying our life


4.      Freedom and independence


5.      Family


6.      Personal Growth


7.      Wealth


8.      Self-expression


9.      Self-fulfillment


10.    Can-do activism


11.      Authenticity of experience


12.    Give me the facts – I’ll decide

As we build out this site, we will discuss the distinctive values of this aging population (e.g., independence, youthfulness, simplifying your life, etc.), how those values are influenced by this generation's perceptions and attitudes, and how they impact aspirations to live an ageless life.  Will these values hit home for you? 
Agelessness is a very personal state of mind.  It is a conscious decision every day to NOT be confined by age and the challenges that age presents.  It is not  about ignoring the realities of aging... but rather your decision to not be confined or defined by those realities.
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For those enlightened individuals who are dedicated to ageless living, life is a series of opportunities.  This in no way is intended to be flippant or disrespectful of real-world grief, illness, pain, disappointments or frustration. 

Agelessness is simply a soul-nourishing determination to not allow the inevitable challenges of aging to define what the  balance of our precious life will be.  For every moment of this short life is precious beyond understanding.   Whatever your spiritual understanding of life may be, we each are blessed with these too few , transient moments of life on this planet. 

K and M
Agelessness is about  finding your own  personal way to compartmentalize the realities of aging in a box, not to be ignored, but to not be allowed to metastasize to other parts of your life where exciting opportunities for fulfillment  are waiting - if you can just open your heart and mind to them.

In future Posts we will expand our perspective on living an ageless life as an advocacy for its profound benefits.  We hope you will register to receive our Newsletter with notices of new Posts on this important topic.   

Come back often.  Join us on this never-ending journey to allow agelessness to open our heart and mind to the meaningful life that lies ahead.

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