Overcome Fear – The 7 Brain Laws


To reach your full potential at any age, you MUST overcome fear that is often irrational

How is fear impacting your life?  Overcome fear and see what you can accomplish.  What do you need to know?  What can you do to get fear out of the way so you can become who you aspire to be? For most of my life, despite 35 years of business success, I battled the paralysis of FEAR.

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Fear is hard to talk about...  because it's so personal... so un-macho... and so little understood.  Throughout those years, I wondered how much more I could have accomplished with my life if I had not let fear confine me with self-imposed limits and borders.    

I battled that paralysis every day until I learned a powerful secret that I'll share with you here.  The secret I discovered came from an epiphany that struck home as I was collaborating on another project with Dr. James Fadigan, a leading authority on the brain and learning.        

What is that secret?      Put simply, it's this:  Most fears are irrational, and they are learned.  So, therefore, they can be unlearned using BRAIN SCIENCE as your guide.       The mission of this section of the site is to be that guide.  Browse through these sub-sections thoroughly.  The science is amazing!  You'll thank me...    

The 7 Brain Laws Of Overcoming Irrational Fears    

How To Overcome Fear - A 10 Point Summary  

The Anthem For Freedom   

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