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weight loss and fitness tips

Practical Weight Loss And Fitness Tips...

Aggressive weight loss and fitness tips rarely work in the long run.  That's an uncomfortable fact.  How do you lose weight safely and keep it off?  That's usually our first resolution in a self-improvement program. 

And now after months at home hiding from Covid-19, and eating everything not locked away, we need a different direction.  But what direction to take?   Cold turkey?  Intermittent fasting?  One of the big TV diets?  One of the big book diets?  How do you know what will work for you... for the long haul rather than a  short burst of discipline that inevitably ends in a soul-crushing binge?     Why don't I have what it takes to tough it out? Am  I weak? Am I doomed to failure forever?  Am I doomed to search forever for a plan that will outlast my discipline deficit?

Okay, you’re ready.  All the procrastination is behind you.  The determination is hardening.  It’s time to eliminate distractions, narrow your focus and get ‘er done.  

I lost 30 pounds 20+ years ago on the Atkins Diet.  But, as most diets go, I gradually gained that weight back… and more. For sustainable weight loss is seldom just about discipline and sacrifice.

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Ken’s Personal Weight Loss Journey


To lose 30 pounds is a commendable goal.  And you CAN do it.  But the ultimate goal is to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off.  And that’s a different story.  


My goal currently is to lose 20 pounds (I wish that I could blame it all on Covid-19, but that would not be the way to start this Blog – with a lie).


How to lose 20 pounds


The first step, of course, is to actually decide what steps you will take to lose 20 pounds.  Some people need a specific step-by-step plan.  “Winging it” and just being less of a glutton are not a plan for some.  Most people will simply drift off and eventually abandon any loose plan.


On the other side, rigid step-by-step plans are too confining for many people.  They foster deep frustrations, guilt  when discipline lags, resentment when sacrifice seems too overwhelming… and they, too most often fail to really work for the long run. Yo-yo dieting becomes a sad way of life.


Knowing how to lose 20 pounds, and keeping it off, is first knowing how to identify and implement the right plan for you.


Everyone’s different.  Your likes and dislikes for types of foods can dramatically affect your attitude toward any diet.  I personally dislike most vegetables and salads, so I face a basic challenge, and must be very discerning in picking a plan.  I probably tried Atkins because of my liking meats, eggs and other high-protein foods.  But it was too extreme and couldn’t be sustained.



Fastest way to lose weight – Are you like me and have no patience whatever?  I wanted  to lose my 30 pounds overnight. So speed-to-benefit, as they say in business, was a big deal.  Trouble is, most rapid weight loss plans are too extreme, are not sustainable and can even be dangerous.  


I kept forgetting that it took years for me to get this way, and expecting to get rid of it in a month are more than a bit unrealistic.

 What most people don’t recognize is that rapid weight loss will not just eliminate fat.  You will also lose muscle unless you have a very well-coordinated diet and exercise plan.  

Rapid weight loss can work, but the plan must be extremely well-defined and followed carefully.


Healthy ways to lose weight


What this section is about is finding a balance – to identify healthy ways to lose weight that fit your lifestyle, so your weight loss can be more sustainable.


If you’re ready to get started right away, here’s the single best program I’ve found that makes it achievable to lose 20 pounds without it feeling like you gave up your life.  


I’ve lost 9 pounds in the first 6 weeks toward my 20-pounds goal and I still enjoy eating, I “cheat” regularly without guilt and yet my weight keeps slowly going down..

It’s not 20 pounds in 30 days, but I feel great, not deprived and with so much more energy.  So it will take me a few months to reach my goal… so what.  I know it could be faster if I wanted to follow an optional quick-loss plan.   

But I’d rather find a way to keep going after 3 months as if there were no diet involved.  

So what is this magical plan I’m following?  It’s a hybrid that I reveal in the next section.  Go Here...

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