FearLess Project Overview

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What Is The FearLess Project?

This FearLess Project section is an overview of recent paradigm-shifting discoveries in brain science – sounds boring right?  Well, not if it holds the answer to removing some of that secret pain you feel that no one knows about – that disquieting, debilitating pain that we’ll show you is caused by public enemy number 1 – FEAR.


Covid-19, financial crisis, recession, salary freezes, losing jobs, foreclosures, evictions, business failures, credit crunch, climate change – these are the power words leading the news in America and globally.  With health, job, income, investment and business insecurity so strong, the next few years will see an extraordinary increase in fear and anxiety.


America, and the entire world, are in the throes of norm-shattering seismic changes – in the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic.


Is it any wonder we somehow feel more anxious, and even more fearful, than we ever have before?

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Is anxiety and fear overwhelming your life right now? Are you feeling powerless?  Like a victim?  Confused?  Uncertain about direction?


Covid-19 is overpowering everything right now.  With millions infected and hundreds of thousands of our friends and family members passing away in lonely isolation, the words “success,” “fulfillment,” “agelessness” or “taking charge of your life” may feel hollow, or even disrespectful right now.

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