Weight Loss And Fitness

Weight Loss And Fitness Challenges...


At the core of an ageless life is a sense of physical well-being as well as mental and emotional.  And we each must deal with our temptations, weaknesses and innate lack of discipline when it comes to weight, nutrition and fitness.

Doctor measuring waist of overweight woman in clinic, closeup

And in today's Covid-19 stay-at-home nightmare,  the weaknesses reveal themselves all too vividly - as we resist a love affair with the refrigerator and snack cabinet - and, too often, fail miserably.  

So what is a conscientious, if somewhat weak, person to do in the face of such challenges?  Am I doomed to be forever chasing an elusive (and perhaps over-ambitious) number on my scale?  Will I ever again feel the exuberance and driving energy of my youth?  

In this Section we'll explore today's weight loss and fitness challenges and, more importantly, what we can do about it - at any age..


We'll introduce you to Ken's own personal diet hybrid... "The DBS Diet."  It's a practical, real-world collection of elements that works within the brain's "Work Rules" - balancing discipline, flexibility and emotional goal-setting with a love of calories.

Weight Loss And Fitness Overview


The DBS Diet

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