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About Us...

We’re Marianne & Ken Smith, founders of EverAgeless™ and senior cheerleaders for EverAgeless.com. We’re old farts with a mission. We’ve seen our share of challenges, but we hold to some core values that override the inevitable barriers, disappointments, sadness and frustrations that a full life throws at us.

We’re optimists – because we choose to be optimistic.  We embrace all that life gives us.  We’re here for such a fleeting moment.  So we do our best to let nothing permanently interrupt our journey to a place we think you and most of us seek.

We Matter

When our moment is over, we want to feel about us that we lived a fulfilling life… and, most importantly, a meaningful life.  We mattered.

We can’t all be doctors, inventors, poets or great humanitarians.  But we can all matter if we choose to matter – even in small ways that won’t be in the history books.


We’ll know that we mattered.  Perhaps others will know.  Perhaps, if we’re fortunate, many others will know.  But, in the end, what’s most important is that WE know that we tried our best to matter.

 Modest Beginnings 

Typically, we didn’t think much about this early in our lives.  Both of us came from modest homes with parents who didn’t have much in education or money, but who were loving and dedicated to expanding our vision beyond the blouse mills in Bangor, PA.

Depression and war had robbed them of opportunity.  They worked long hours and saved to make sure we could go to college… and they instilled in us a reverence for the value of work, learning, ethics and a passion to aspire.  We could matter if we worked at it, kept learning, stayed true to our values and were forever aspiring.

We started out after college stumbling around trying to find our direction until we started an advertising agency in 1971.

Scan 1742 Office Backyard Summer 10-19-20

Over the next 37 years we built a successful and totally ethically managed business with offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Denver, with hundreds of clients nationwide and international (Ken as CEO and Creative Director, Marianne as Chief Financial Officer).


Then came 2008.


We got caught investing in two major projects that were supposed to ensure a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, those major projects, after substantial personal investments to get them ready, required capital funding that was scheduled for October 2008.

And then the capital markets crashed in September and October of 2008.  It devastated our plans when funding dried up almost overnight. We spent 2009 struggling to deal with it all. But we eventually lost almost everything.
Newspaper headlines - finanical crisis on 2008
At the same time, the health of our 3 parents (Ken’s father had already passed away) seriously deteriorated, with all 3 of them requiring around-the-clock care and passing away during this stressful period. 
Elder Care Diary logo

We had moved all 3 parents into our home in 2003 as their health started deteriorating, and Marianne became Chief Caregiver in addition to her CFO responsibilities.

Marianne’s 6-year “Elder Care Diary” is a stirring account of the challenges of caring for aging parents with love and dedication.  Check it out.    

Picking Up The Pieces        

After all the parents passed, we picked up the pieces and moved to Easton, PA.  It was a bit of a shock moving from our 5000+ sq.ft., 3-acre estate at the shore to a 1900 sq. ft. cottage, but we had our health and we had each other.  

Scan 1566 House Springtime 10-16-20-crop
House Front Fall 2560 x 1920

Luckily, both of our children (Jeff – a Professor of Microbiology and nationally prominent researcher at the University of Virginia, and Greg – founder of a very successful physical rehab products company in West Pittston, PA) were well-established and secure.  So we started over. 

We started LegacyLife International LLC, an Internet marketing and business consulting company “dedicated to a meaningful life.”  Check out About LegacyLife.

77 is a good age

Then came Covid-19. We decided to use this isolation time to put together EverAgeless.com… synthesizing our life experiences and perspectives into something we could share and, hopefully, help others feel the fulfillment and quiet joy of an ageless life.  


At age 77, we’re just getting started… again!   Thanks for visiting our site.  We’re here to help.  

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