We believe in the extraordinary power of mindfulness to enrich an ageless life.

Self Love Meditation

Mindfulness is about paying deliberate and non-judgmental attention to the present moment. It’s about being fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings. It’s about minimizing distractions… learning how to calm your mind and body to be more open and receptive to self-growth… finding a level of inner peace and serenity that can enrich your life beyond your imagination… this is your destiny. And we’re here to help.

To that end we founded the Mindfulness Meditation Center to provide inspiration, advocacy and resources to help people worldwide experience the power of mindfulness... and encourage people to start their own mindfulness meditation practice.

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We started a You Tube Channel to provide that inspiration and resources: The Mindfulness Meditation Center You Tube Channel is your online resource providing guided meditations, positive affirmations, calming meditation music and ambient sound to help you be more present... more self-aware in your everyday life. 

What is the difference between our Mindfulness Meditation Channel and other meditation Channels you see on You Tube? 

Our focus is on bringing mindfulness into everyday life... to inspire and empower you to find more opportunities to calm your mind and body... to calmly push anxiety, tension, discomfort, worry and other negative feelings out of your head so you can focus on the present moment and allow your positive energy to energize and enrich your life.

Visit our You Tube Channel and see for yourself  how valuable mindfulness can be in your busy life.

And, if you're ready to take your mindfulness practice to the next level, go to Mindfulness.com and Subscribe.