Tai Chi Is Hot

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In a time of stress dealing with Covid-19, political upheaval and deep fissures separating families and friends, plus widespread economic challenges and anxieties, is it any wonder Tai Chi has rapidly grown in the US and worldwide? 


It’s often referred to as meditation in motion and is safe for all ages because it does not put significant stress on muscles and joints.  It is also considered an "internal" marshal art because it is about developing internal power and energy.

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In other words, Tai Chi Is Hot!


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It seamlessly integrates gentle physical exercise, stretching and mindfulness – a cocktail of appeal to millions who seek a less intimidating alternative to hard-core. And it works.  A broad range of studies have found varying, but often impressive, degrees of effectiveness when practiced consistently…


  •  Improvements in balance and posture – less tripping and fewer falls in older people for whom tripping and falling are dangerous
  • Improved flexibility and reduced stiffness
  • Chronic pain control for symptoms of fibromyalgia and knee osteoarthritis
  • Increased muscle strength in both lower and upper extremities as well as in core muscles - similar to results from brisk walking and even resistance training
  • Aerobic improvement - depending on the size and speed of movements
  •  Improvements in cognitive ability in older adults

For your safety, if you have back pain, osteoporosis, are pregnant or an older adult, it is recommended that you seek medical advice before you begin Tai Chi.


The history is murky at best. It is believed that Tai Chi can be traced to the 12th century and is part of Confucianist Chinese and Taoist traditions.


Here are links to some prominent science-based articles and videos that  provide useful information...


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There are, of course, many Tai Chi sources and  programs, free and paid.  The Smith family's primary Tai Chi program is from Dr. Paul Lam.  There is a small cost to his programs.  We get no compensation from this referral.  And there are many free programs available.



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Tai Chi Life Lessons For Beginners - Dr. Paul Lam


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