Long Distance Caregiving In A Pandemic – 20 Issues

Long distance caregiving can be a challenge. 


Long distance caregiving for aging parents in a pandemic can be a nightmare. 

So what do you do?  There is no manual for this all-too-common situation in which you find yourself... no step-by-step guidelines to follow.

long distance caregiving
Covid-19 has changed everything.  You love your parent(s) or other family member.  You are ready to do almost anything to reduce their suffering, their loneliness and optimize their care.  But you're here and they're there.    We came across this article published by the National Institute On Aging and found it extremely helpful: Long-Distance Caregiving: Twenty Questions And Answers - check it out.  
For more helpful information on caregiving for aging parents, go to the Elder Care section of our website EverAgeless.com.


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