Why “Ageless” Is More Than Anti Aging

agless is more than anti aging


Ageless:  “Not confined by or defined by age – by any point in time”


Anti Aging:  “Used or tending to prevent or lessen the effects of aging”


“Anti aging” is the most common term applied to any product or activity that is directed toward defying the aging process – hence the term “anti aging.” “Ageless” is a state of mind that reflects the way I think and feel about aging – that I refuse to be confined or defined by my age.


I can’t change my age. 


I’m 77, like it or not.  I employ anti aging products and practices that help me defy the natural process that affects my mind and body – so that I can be as productive and fulfilled as possible.  To live an ageless life is to express and reflect an attitude that my age is secondary to my determination to live well every minute and maximize those minutes defiantly.


So I may seek out a cream, a brain supplement, an exercise program, a diet that can help me forestall the effects of aging.  I may seek out any number of anti aging “tools” to improve my appearance, feel younger or enhance my brainpower, but I do it because I do not want to be defined or confined by my aging.


An ageless attitude is freedom.


The aging continues, like it or not, but my ageless attitude about that natural aging process frees me to see possibilities instead of barriers.


Here’s how I described it in my original article on agelessness that I wrote when I first launched the EverAgeless website:


“Agelessness is a very personal state of mind.  It is a conscious decision every day to NOT be confined by age and the challenges that age presents.  It is not about ignoring the realities of aging... but rather our decision to not be confined or defined by those realities.


Agelessness is a soul-nourishing determination to not allow the inevitable challenges of aging define what the balance of our precious life will be.  For every moment of this short life is precious beyond understanding.   Whatever our spiritual understanding of life may be, we each are blessed with these too few, transient moments of life on this planet.


Agelessness is about finding our own personal way to compartmentalize the realities of aging in a box, not to be ignored, but to not be allowed to metastasize to other parts of our life where exciting opportunities for fulfillment  are waiting - if we can just open our heart and mind to them.”


This is not just a semantic difference.


The difference between “ageless” and anti aging” is not just a semantic difference.  Cultivating an ageless state of mind transcends the importance of any anti aging product or activity.  I personally have chosen to defy aging aggressively.  Not everyone has that state of mind.  While I advocate for defying aging, I fully acknowledge that more individuals do NOT seek out anti aging products or practices.  Yet those individuals can still possess and cultivate an ageless state of mind.


Agelessness is about refusing to be defined or confined by age.  Just because we may not diet or exercise aggressively, we can still be defiant in not letting aging prevent us from being as productive, happy and fulfilled as we possibly can be. We can paint, write, mentor, teach and passionately enjoy every moment of our life without diet or brain pills, the newest workout video or the latest anti aging wrinkle cream.


More than anti aging…


This is why I say that an ageless state of mind is MORE than anti aging.  If you defy aging with anti aging products and practices, I applaud your proactive action.  But I refuse to be judgmental about those who do not.  I more enthusiastically applaud and encourage those who defiantly refuse to be defined or confined by age, and who proactively work on living every moment of their life with passion, joy and a forward-looking enthusiasm.


Living an ever-ageless, ever-aspiring life is far from automatic.  It requires conscious intention and work.  But the rewards in achieving a fullness to our aging life is profound.


Work on it.


Work on cultivating an ageless attitude and state of mind.  Employ anti aging products and practices to help you if you are so inclined.  But focus most intently on your core attitude – how you think and feel about your inevitable aging.  These next precious moments are all you have.  Use them wisely to make a difference, spread joy, embrace family and friendship, and find fulfillment in everything you do.


Find what is important to you and work on it.  “Life is what you make it” is never more true than for an aging man or woman.  Make living an ageless life the cornerstone of your personal state of mind.  You, and everyone around you, will see the uplifting power of that choice.


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