What I Believe In… What I Stand For…

I believe everyone should have some core values and stand for something. Here's what I believe in… what I stand for…

1.   I believe that putting others first is the path to a life of meaning and fulfillment.

I believe that as we age, we must vigorously fight our natural inclinations to focus on ourselves. Aches and pains, accumulated memories of negative experiences, a narrowing vision of our place in the world, a shrinking circle of relationships – they all conspire to motivate us to look inward and selfishly focus on OUR well-being.

So it is essential that we train ourselves to focus outward, to reach out to lift up, serve, comfort and inspire others... to unselfishly give of ourselves. Only then can we be open to experiencing the true fulfillment we seek.

2.  I believe that communicating positive thoughts returns an abundance of positive results.

If you’ve ever read "The Secret" and understand The Law of Attraction… those principles are a strong foundation of succeeding in life. I’m not zealot who believes that those principles are sole determinants of success. Hard work, smart decisions, dogged perseverance and blind luck make an impact, too. But, throughout my life, I have seen the power of positive thinking and communicating positive thoughts to others.

3.   I believe in visualizing the future...

seeing ourselves where we want to be - experiencing that future in our mind in such detail and with such clarity that we will naturally attract all that will help us get to that reality.

4.  I believe in taking charge of our lives.

I believe in ACTION. So many barriers and distractions conspire to paralyze us and keep us from fulfilling our dreams. The biggest is FEAR - fear of asking for help, having questions considered silly or inappropriate... fear of humiliation or rejection… fear of public speaking or cameras.

There are hundreds of good reasons not to succeed. While I believe in research and preparation, I believe that success begins with ACTION… throw-yourself-in-the-pool, get-in-the-game ACTION.

I believe in a life in motion… moving forward… learning from mistakes, not fearful of making them. I believe that making “proactive” a way of life will strengthen our authority over our life and ensure success. Get in the game!

5.  I believe we are hard-wired for success.

Sure we all have different genes that provide a foundation for our development. Smart genes, athletic genes, musical genes. But I believe we are all hardwired for success in this sense - evolution has prepared humans with the capacity to succeed - to overcome one deficiency or aberration with other compensating abilities.

Our remarkable capacity to strive and improve are innate in our species. Our job is to discover the triggers for actions that will achieve success according to our capacity - success on our own terms.

6.  I believe in irrelevance as much as I believe in relevance.

Relevance, of course, is a big buzz word today - connecting with others on their terms - what’s important to them. I believe the opposite is true for us in overcoming obstacles to reaching our dreams. I believe in irrelevance. I call it the I-Factor Success Secret… creating a mindset that makes any obstacle irrelevant… insignificant… like a flea on a stampeding elephant… just a momentary distraction to be dismissed as immaterial on our success path.

7.   I believe in the wisdom of the past as much as I believe in the promise of the future.

Despite my excitement about all the dramatic new technologies and advances today, I believe history offers us a wisdom that can guide our judgments - about how we want to be as citizens, business persons, parents or grandparents. After almost 40 years running a business, and as a student of history, I’ve concluded that lessons of the past can guide decisions about the future and what will be important there.

8.  I believe in the power of words.

Extraordinary images that connect with deep emotions can also be powerful. But for day-in-day-out influencing human beings to take action... if I could only have one tool I could use to make my living and change the world... it would be a pen.

9.  I believe we each have a responsibility to give back.

This is really an extension of #1. I feel grateful for whatever success I’ve enjoyed in my life, and feel a responsibility to, not only reach out to others, but also to leave behind any wisdom and perspective that experience provides for the generations that follow. That’s part of the motivation for writing this EverAgeless blog.

Old farts like me may not be as knowledgeable about the latest technologies, Internet skills, social media or what’s trending as our children or grandchildren are, but the wisdom that comes from aging in a complex, challenging world I believe has value that needs to be shared.... with the hope that the next generation will feel a prompting to do the same.

10.   I believe in love.

What do you believe in?  What do you stand for?

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