My Christmas Wish For You: 2021

my christmas wish

Instead of my regular post, during this Christmas week I would like to wish you a safe, magical and inspiring holiday.

It’s been a difficult 2021 in so many ways.  So this week is a time for gratitude – for all that we have and hold dear, for family and friends, for the joy of wide-eyed children, for freedom and opportunity in a country where we can dream and aspire, for the blessings of sharing love.

Having just celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary, I am grateful for my partner in life, for the depth of her caring heart, for her genuine goodness and boundless positivity (though she makes me look bad by comparison).

So the theme in the Smith household this Christmas is gratitude. My Christmas wish to you this holiday season is that you seek out and nourish every ounce of gratitude in your life... so you can begin your 2022 renewal with a strong foundation of inner strength and positive energy.

Life moves on.  And a healthy dose of genuine gratitude can energize your 2022 to confront the challenges, as well as the exciting opportunities, that await you in the year ahead.

Merry Christmas!