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The TOMI (Test Of Multiple Intelligences)

Online Cognitive Assessment Tool

Assessing 14 Core Cognitive Abilities


Minimum appropriate age for this Online Program:  age 10 (or a mature 9) through high school, college and also for adults, seniors - all ages – 100% online-delivered – 100% self-directed at the participant’s own pace – and it’s fun!


TOMI Assessment Includes:

  • The Test Of Multiple Intelligences (TOMI) – assessing 14 core cognitive abilities (Intelligences) critical to learning success
  • Automatically generated Custom Profile – showing the current level of development for each of those 14 Intelligences
  • Custom Report – explaining the results – and what you can do to strengthen weaknesses

$195  Regular Tuition Fee   

$77  (After 60% limited-time Launch Discount)