Ageless Life Stories – Share Yours!

life stories

Each of us has "Life Stories" to share.  

Some may be too private or too painful to share with strangers.  But deep down, we know that sharing these Stories could make a difference in the life of a fellow traveler who is looking for help, for empathy, for a hand to hold, for direction from someone who understands how he or she is feeling right now... because he or she was there.   

As we age...    The need for and the value of COMMUNITY grows.  We know that we cannot substitute for a friend, a family member or a trusted expert.  But we can serve to bring people a little closer and, with some diligence and luck, perhaps connect a few strangers within a community of caring, loving humans who have the wisdom and generosity to share.  

Let's Share Our "Life Stories"...   We're trying on this site to start by sharing our Story... our family's Story... and our business Story of challenge, persistence and enduring love through the good and the painful.  What we have learned and are ready to share reflects our commitment to every person in our community.  

We invite and will welcome anything you are willing to share.  Complete the form below and submit...