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 What Does It Mean That Our Business Is Dedicated To A Legacy Life?

 One year after the 2008 financial meltdown destroyed our business of 37 years, we founded LegacyLife International LLC with a mission - focusing on the exploding entrepreneurship opportunities that the Internet offered. 


We differentiate from the vast majority of Internet marketing/business enterprises which focus primarily on visualizing the “American dream” success story driven  by desire for financial freedom.    

LegacyLife encourages the same dreams… but we educate and motivate entrepreneurs to dream BIGGER – to FULFILLMENT as a greater goal – aspiring to a meaningful life and legacy as a more profound and satisfying motivation to drive our striving for success.       

Here is the Brand Statement we wrote in 2009 that would stand as our uncompromising bedrock principles in the years that followed…     Our brand is grounded on three foundation principles:       

1.  The human spirit 

We believe that deep within the vast majority of humans is a core desire to make a difference with their life… to make their world better by their presence in it.     We will build a brand identity recognized for its dedication to awakening, inspiring and mobilizing that spirit to make the world better – still enjoying the fruits of self-driven success – but dreaming BIGGER – to “responsible” entrepreneurship.      

 2.  Trust       

 Trust is the #1 currency on the Internet.  LegacyLife attaches positive, selfless identity to every enterprise – to build credibility and trust in our recommendations.     

That trust is grounded on evidence that, whatever we say, our client or prospective client knows we believe it to be the truth and in the client’s best interest.       

3.  Affinity (a close relationship based on similar beliefs or values)  

We believe the LegacyLife brand will attract to it, for joint venture opportunities, the best-of-the-best responsible Internet marketers and other entrepreneurs who have already passed through the “indulgence” stage of success and seek greater meaning for their success.     

We will provide sources to help them organize their financial and legal structure to minimize asset waste and optimize their ability to support meaningful work.   In addition, they will understand the power of showcasing their affinity with the LegacyLife brand in building trust in their own enterprises.  

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